This is Lizzie again. I have pwned my minion and she has agreed that since she has her own blog at Shiny Stuff for her artwork and stuff, this one can be mine.

Yesterday I got a new anti-evil collar (I am not sure if I approve or not) and went to obedience class at ABOTC. Man, boot camp has nothing on those evil people. Because I’m so spazzy but do know how to sit and down and stay, Mom was going to put me in intermediate. However, there were a ton of new folks starting this month and the small intermediate class got dissolved into the advanced class (Mom said some of those dogs were working on their you-dee, whatever that is) and beginner was so chaotic, she figured that she would just put me into advanced and I could do my stays on leash.

I have her SO snowed. Unfortunately, my new anti-evil collar suppressed my demonspitz powers and I actually had to demonstrate that I *do* actually know how to heel.

At least there were lots of cookies.

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