A Busy weekend…

December 10, 2007

We have a saying in Texas – “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.” This weekend was a lovely (my voice is dripping with sarcasm, in case you don’t have the font “Dripping with sarcasm” to tell what I said there :P) example of it. Last Thursday, our weather was brisk and dry, in the low 60s, with a nice brisk breeze- it was downright chilly when we left the park on Thursday evening. On Friday, up in the 80s! Saturday, it was nearly 90 F! In December! Yuck! Yesterday and today have been downright chilly- in the 50s, with rain and biting winds. A few hours north, in Tulsa (where a major agility trial was held this weekend), they had terrible ice storms.

I spent Saturday with my gaming group, and Lizzie had a friend come in to let her out for lunch while I was gone. Kay called me to tell me that Lizzie had been very good for her- she fed her lunch and took her out for a potty break and then put her back in her crate. Lizzie right back to working on her chewie, and I got home 3 hours later, around 7. The first thing I did- as any puppy owner can tell you- is opened Lizzie’s crate and prepared to rush her outside for a potty run. I opened the top door and put my hand into the crate (I didn’t even stop to turn the lights on 🙂 and… no puppy.

Cue panicked human. “Lizzie!? Lizzie, where the heck are you?” There was no obvious destruction, and I searched the whole living room when she didn’t come when I called her- I was sure she’d electrocuted herself on the Christmas tree or something. Finding nothing, I went into the bedroom, expecting to find my computer cables shredded or something. Luckily, she’d done nothing but shred part of my rosemary plant (on the floor by the window) and then go to sleep on my bed (which I didn’t know she could jump up onto, and thinking about it now, she may have been too busy trying to scale Mount Bedspread to get into much mischief. Heh.) Cue HUGE sigh of relief. This is one smart, sneaky puppy!

Tonight we have an evaluation with Bonnie Sykes Norris at Paws For Applause, a local agility training center with a great reputation for working with non-traditional breeds and bringing puppies along slowly on foundation training- introducing low contacts, tiny jumps, and the self-control, courage, and enthusiasm they’ll need to be excellent agility dogs. Bonnie was recommended by our friend Martha, whose greyhound Nike is pictured several times on the PFA site. Nike is a neat dog- he’s a show-bred greyhound, the first I’ve ever met, and he’s a total doll. He, and his papillon ‘brother’ Monarch are some of Lizzie’s favorite dog buddies. (The tug toy and ball Lizzie is playing with in last week’s photos are both toys Lizzie has stolen from Monarch.)

Lizzie is 5 pounds now- I can’t believe how fast she’s grown. She’s gained a pound in just over 2 weeks.


December 6, 2007

Lizzie witha ball

Lizzie with her ball- she’s very, very prey-driven and LOVES chasing and killing her ball and tug toys….

Just a few more weeks!

November 20, 2007

Lizzie will be coming home at the end of the month and I’m so excited. Her eye exam is scheduled for December 5th at the Animal Eye Clinic in Arlington, and she’ll be starting puppy obedience in January and handling class in February (more for me than her, I’ve never had a dog that didn’t figure out the whole conformation thing in short order, but *I* am not so sharp- and even if I never show her due to the markings, I figure the practice will be good for me.) The puppy crate and baby gate have been set up for a week now in the kitchen to accustom Malcolm to staying out of there, and I’ve even found the MOST adorable collar and lead. 😛 It’s dark brown with a cream overlay with dark mauve-y pink flowers and green leaves on it. And yes, any readers from GSWorld- I *did* buy her a raincoat. 😛 But only for photos. Bwhaha. I live to humiliate my dogs. I’m pretty sure you will be able to hear Malcolm’s calls of “WOE! WOOOOOOE. COLLIE ABUSE!” from space on Sunday when I take our annual holiday card photos, as he is being forced to wear a scarf and Santa hat. Lizzie is escaping this year’s photos on account of the fact that if I wait till she’s home to take them, I won’t get them mailed until new year’s.