Happy Holidays to all our friends!

December 19, 2007

Lizzie and San

Lizzie is home!

November 25, 2007

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I picked Lizzie up from her breeder’s house at 4PM on Saturday afternoon with my friend Lindsay in tow (to hold the crate/supervise puppy) while I drove back to the house. After a brief detour at Petsmart (my ‘ultralite’ lead turned out to be too heavy- the leash itself is fine, but the clip is too heavy-and we didn’t find anything better, so I’m using Malcolm’s show lead right now), we made it home about 6.

Did introductions to Malcolm (my smooth collie) and Grady (Lindsay’s Dalmatian service dog, who is exceptionally kind with puppies) which went very well. Lizzie is a brave little soul and COMPLETELY fearless when it comes to taking things away from Malcolm…. She pulled his favorite toy (a stuffed sheep which has long since lost it’s innards) through the babygate and took it into her crate- quite a feat, as it’s as large as she is!(As she should be, he’s a marshmallow, and I give it about 3 days before she has him entirely pwned from the far side of the baby gate.) She’s okay with picking up metal items (I bent a spoon into a loop for her but it’s really heavy- I need to just go ahead and order scent articles for her.)

Because of the weather, her coat, and the currently FLOODED state of my greenway (as in, 6″ of standing, very cold water), I picked up some puppy pads tonight. I’ve never had to use paper pads before, but it’s that or concrete- there’s a blocked storm drain at the end of the greenway that should be cleared by tomorrow but there’s water tonight and I seriously doubt that the maintenance guys will show up on Sunday of a holiday weekend… I called Mom’s garden supplier guy and he’s going to try and find me a sheet of sod to put on the patio as well but I don’t know how likely that is, coming into winter here. Lizzie is not thrilled about the puppy pads and refuses to use them in the house, but is okay with them on the patio (with a sprinkling of potting soil on top. Apparently dirt is okay, but paper is not. Funny girl. At least it’s dry dirt! I may use a box with sod in it, sort of like a giant litterbox on the porch, if this rain keeps up. Oh well. Benefits of a 4# puppy, I guess.

She cried a little in the kennel on the ride home but settled down quite well once we got back to the house- and she wasn’t carsick at all. She’s woken up twice since I put her to bed at 10 and asked to go out. The first time she went right back to sleep (it’s been a big day!) but this time she’s working on a nylabone in her crate. I suspect she’ll need to poop soon- she only peed the other times- and then I”ll turn in for the night.

Pictures soon- she’s super-cute and loves to tug and is just brave and confident and pushy and WONDERFUL.