Oops.. Bad blogger!

December 5, 2007

Lizzie has been home nearly two weeks and I *still* haven’t posted pictures. However, I just dropped off four rolls of film at the drug store, so there should be some tonight. Lizzie had her puppy eye check today and everything was normal (Yay, and thank you Dr. Paulsen for being very quick and very complimentary of her nice manners, evne if I *do* think she was lulling you into a false sense of security and planning something awful for you for having the TERMINITY to shine LIGHTS in her EYES…) Housebreaking is going great, as is crate training, and she’s been on best behavior here at the office in her crate as well.

We’ll be starting puppy K with Jan Webster (PetSMART regional director) in two weeks and puppy agility with Bonnie at Paws For Applause Agility at the first of the year. Lizzie is doing very well with her basic obedience and has learned sit, touch-targeting a hand or a target stick, and is working on down. She’s finishd the first level of Sue Ailsby’s “Training Levels” program and her profile and training info can be viewed on the Training Levels tracker. Blog posts will be mirrored over there.