Lizzie’s List #1

April 10, 2008

Greetings, humans! This is a new feature, written by ME, Lizzie.
Today’s list will feature 6 things my human ought to be buying me more of. (Dogs out there, if your humans aren’t buying these, you’re being cheated out of your rightful due!)

Braided bully sticks1. Bully sticks!

Right now I only get these once a week or so. I think I should be getting at least two every day. They’re very nice to chew on and last much longer than rawhide bones, don’t smell as manky as choo-hooves, and aren’t as fatty as pigs ears.

Skinneez Plush Toys

2. Skinneez Plush Toys

I had one of these before, but my big brother Indy dragged it out onto the porch and it got covered in pecan snot tassles. (The little green beady things that fall off pecan trees this time of year. They’re gross.) Anyway, Mom took it away to wash it and it hasn’t come back yet. Every dog should have at least two of these. They’re good for playing tug with, they squeak, and you can also take naps on them.

Puff Bed3. Corderoy Puff Bed

Okay, I don’t actually have one of these yet, but they have them at Canine Commissary, a GREAT pet supply store here in Dallas, and I’ve tried to show Mom how much I would enjoy them the last two times we’ve gone by jumping into the shelf and refusing to come out of the bed until tempted with treats.  These are the big round squishy kind that you kind of sink into, and they’re REALLY NEAT. If a dog bed company or manufacturer would like to send me one to review, I would be very happy to be a celebrity endorser for it- if I liked it, anyway.Talking Cow Plushie (and friends)

4. Talking Cow Plushie

I *LOVE* THIS TOY! (Even if it’s really Malcolm’s). He got it for Christmas from Aunt Lindsay (Aunt Lindsay, why haven’t you bought ME a talking cow?!) and it used to moo when you bit it, only I think we bit it too much, because one day it stopped mooing. Mom really likes this one too- she doesn’t bite it but she’s drop kicked it a couple times, so this one is good for humans to play with too.

Pet Attire Ribbon Collars5. Ribbon Collars

I don’t think a girl can have too many collars. I have this one in Rose, but Mom put it somewhere and can’t find it. Boo! I also have a pink, purple and tan striped one, a plain purple one, a pink camo one, and a purple one for dog shows. Oh, and matching leashes for the purple one and Rose-print one.

Ikea Pet Rug

6. Cool Crate Mats & Rugs.

Crates are, Mom tells me, a necessary evil if I want to go places. BAH. So soft things to burrow in in my crate are very nice. I have this mat from Ikea. There is a matching pillow/bed but I don’t have that yet. I also have a plain sherpa fleece one, but Mom put that under the coffee table for Indy during the last thunderstorm and I like to lay on it there and chew, so Mom has left it there.



Lizzie’s Loot

January 29, 2008

It’s not the best part of dog shows but it’s definately in the top 5: SHOPPING. If it’s dog related, SOME dog show vendor will probably carry it. So here’s the list of what made it’s way home with us from the Rose City Classic

  • A pair of undies for Lizzie for when she’s in season (Black with metallic multi-colored butterflies. Much cooler than the ruffly kind they have at the pet supply store.)
  • A pink camo hoodie for Lizzie (because she was REALLY cold in the wind- she’s hitting that hairless 5 month old stage) and it makes her look like a little thug. AWWW. I thought about buying her one of the ‘blanket’ style coats that aren’t so cutesy, but they were $20 more than the cheapy sweatshirt that she really doesn’t need down here- but will make a cute costume.
  • A dumbbell (properly sized- she CAN steal, carry and retrieve Malcolm’s, but it’s the size of her body and she really needs a properly sized one) This one is still a TINY bit big but by the time she’s grown, it shouldn’t be.
  • “Competitive Obedience For Small Dogs” by Barbara Cecil (and someone else) – recommended by Pom person and obedience judge on Front & Finish, Barbara McClausky (whose black and tan UDX Pom made me fall in love with spitz and competitive obedience in a single show)
  • A pink plushie sheep (actually, Lizzie stole this- it was on the floor having fallen out of a bin and she picked it up while I was paying for the dumbbell and tried to carry it off. So it had to come along too.)
  • A purple and black faux-fleece braided tug
  • (Not for Lizzie) a new martingale collar for Malcolm, my smooth collie. It’s black with silver-and-blue pirate emblems (skull and crossbones) on it. It’s VERY dashing. (I also picked up martingales for my friends Lindsay (for her new service dog in training, a dalmatian named Caden) and Martha (whose greyhound Nike is Mal’s best dogpark buddy. Martha’s other dog is a papillon named Monarch who is Lizzie’s dogpark boyfriend.) Caden’s is red with off-white Celtic griffins on it and Nike’s is dark green with tan tribal patterns on it.
  • Purple show slip-lead for Lizzie
  • Pink Pirate collar and leash for Lizzie – okay, so she already had two collars, a solid purple one and a magnta, tan, and rose one- but this one was TOO cute to pass up. It’s pink, with a dog skull w/ eyepatch and crossed bones. Pink is definately her color. (And I am not normally a pink person.)
  • Pink leash for Emily’s dog Traum. (Traum is a boy but he’s kind of feminine. So I bought this leash for her because she was hemming and hawing ovr buying it for herself. It’s hot pink and in black cutesy letters says “One of us is a bitch!”- totally made us giggle. They also had one that said “One of us has no balls!” and “One of us loves big sticks!”)
  • Chews – I bought a couple of different kinds of chews for the dogs to work on while they hung out at the booth

I think that’s everything… 😛 I also bought an ungodly amount of Starbucks while I was there. 🙂