A picture, as promised!

November 7, 2007

Lizzie, four weeks and a few days


Ack! I’ve been lazy

November 4, 2007

about updating this! Sorry guys!

I got photos of Lizzie from her breeder a few weeks ago but just went out to take my own yesterday, so they’ll be up tomorrow. Lizzie is a feisty little thing and I think she’s going to be an absolute blast to train with.

The puppies are now 5 weeks old and beginning to act like puppies- mouthing, barking, yapping, and starting to really run and play with each other. They squeak, they pounce, they’re learning to eliminate away from their sleeping area, and EVERYTHING goes in the mouth at this stage. I took two toys over for Lizzie (one came home again with me as Kari was concerned it would get dirty ;P) but the other is a soft rubber chicken which squeaks. I field-tested it with Indy the Destroyer Of Squeakies and it was not punctured in two weeks of play, so we’ll see how it holds up to sharp puppy teeth. Lizzie was les interested in that then her white or cream brother was, but she really liked her tug toy, which is excellent. She’s very interested in things that move and which can be pounced on- hopefully she’ll maintain this quality into adulthood, as prey drive can be a wonderful way to motivate a dog.