Crufts, 2008

March 15, 2008

Crufts has been over for just over a week and people are still talking about the German Spitz (Mittel) results for this year. A beautiful cream dog, CH DRUITZ CORNCRACKER FOR TEAMSPITZ JW SHCM, won the breed and made the cut in the group (a first for the breed), but an American Eskimo Dog, AM/POL CH HOWLINGROCS SEXN THE CITY, won 4th in the Open Dog class.

In the past, American Eskimos have been recognized as German Spitz by FCI under the understanding that this was the American name for the breed. However, AKC has accepted the German Spitz itself into the Foundation Stock Service- which would imply the breeds are NOT the same. The breed standards have distinct differences (eye shape and foot shape are directly contradictory, the shape of the skull and proportion of muzzle to skull are different, and of course there’s the color issue) and a dog that is correct for one shouldn’t be able to achieve a championship under the other. Complaints have been filed with the KC and FCI has been approached about recognizing the Eskie as it’s own breed. The whole thing is a big mess- but a very interesting one.

Living in Texas, Crufts is half a world away- I’m very glad for the internet, as I can’t imagine having been a breed fancier of a such an uncommon breed in the days before email! 🙂 I’m hoping to attend Crufts next year- if I’ve got any British readers, got any tips?