This blog was created as a way to spread information (and stories!) about the German Spitz (Mittel). This is a fairly obscure breed in the US with some absolutely fantastic qualities that I want to share with people. It’s also a place for me to talk about dogs, dog training, health, and other issues related to dogs and dog ownership.

About Me

I am 27, live in Texas, and work as a dog trainer, a computer tech, and an artist. Yes, I *am* nuts, actually. πŸ˜›

The Dogs

I’m owned by three dogs. Indy is an almost-seven-year-old, tricolor Cardigan Welsh corgi who is co-owned with my parents. (They are trying to kidnap him and I pretend not to notice. He’s secretly converting them to dog people.) Indy is my little bratty jerk dog- he’s charming and VERY opinionated and it’s been a hell of a ride. πŸ˜› I’ve learned a LOT from training Indy that I hope to apply to teaching Lizzie.

Malcolm is a tricolor smooth collie and will be two years old in July. Mal is competing in conformation, rally obedience, and getting ready for regular obedience and agility competition. He’s very fond of the sound of his own voice and is a sweet, mushy, wonderful boy.

Kaylee is Mal’s half-sister and is coming on trial in a few weeks (as of 4/08) to see if she and LIzzie get on okay. If all goes well, she will be going into training as a medical alert service dog for my anxiety/depression issues. Kaylee is a tricolor rough collie.

Lizzie, the (main) subject of this blog, is a German Spitz (mittel), who will be competing in well, just about everything, when she’s old enough. She’s my first German Spitz and I utterly adore her. Lizzie is black with a bit of white on her chest and toes, and we joke that she did her very best to be born tricolor for me.

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  1. Melissa says:

    The link you have up for Marquis German Spitz in California is not working. Do you have alternate information for this breeder or possibly for any other breeders in the US? Thanks

  2. Sharon B. says:


    I see I have been disussed here, so guess I had better introduce myself.

    I believe that I am the first one to have imported German Mittel Spitz into the USA with the desire to have them as a recognized breed. In June of 1991, I brought in three Mittels, two from Australia and one from England. I am aware of 3 or 4 Mittels that have been brought in by others during the mid 90’s, for companions, but they were never bred.

    I have a long history in the Spitz breeds, having raised, trained and shown Keeshonden since 1972. Sheminee Keeshonden are well known and I am forever amazed when meeting people out of the USA who say – Oh, I know who you are. LOL In Germany, the Keeshond is known as the German Wolfspitz, the largest of the German Spitz breeds. The Mittels are, of course, smaller, and come in all colors, but similiar in type and temperament. I have many Champion Keeshond in both the USA and in Canada, as well as obedience titles, and I am still active in Kees.

    I also have the first litter of Mittels, bred and born in the USA, and the first Mittel Champions, International Champion Llancarfan Black Magic [Myst] and International Champion Zandaplatz Fidelity in Wyndlee [Devi]. First to CERF eye test and first to OFA Certifiy patellaes [knees]. I am currently an AKC provisional judge of Keeshonds, a past Treasurer of the Keeshond Club of America, and I am a trainer for our local obedience club [of which I am the Founder of]. Marti [a Kees] is fully Agility trained, but my twice broken left leg ended MY career in Agility. I am also involved in Rally, currently with my German Shepherd. And, I am a Canine Good Citizen [CGC] evaulator.

    I am extremely dedicated to the Mittels and I am equally as dedicated in protecting them and keeping them out of a for profit type of situations. I have been able to achive that with the Kees, and I expect to do likewise with the Mittels.

    I generally have a waiting list for puppies [of either breed] and most often they are all spoken for, when born. Therefore, I do not advertise much, but am always willing to discuss either breed with anybody who would like to do so.

    I am currently in the process of working on the Mittel Pedigree Database, which I developed and maintain. When I finish the latest update, it will contain ALL the German Mittels, ALL the English Mittels as well as most of the American and Australian dogs. If your dog is not listed, you can send me the information and I will be happy to add them. It is a lot of work, but I do feel that the pedigrees of our dogs are important to carry on. It is also important to track genetic problems, which currently are not a big issue, but it is easier to start at the beginning than to wait until there is a problem and then try to develope a pedigree database.

    Welcome all to the wonderful world of German Spitz,

    Sharon B.

  3. Pat Scott says:

    I’m Marquis German Spitz. The business that was hosting my web site closed down and I had to move the site. It’s been a real headache which is not over yet, so bear with me . you can email me at “bnorman_us@yahoo.com” Phone is 530-385-1178.
    At the present I several new litters. One is gold and gold and white parti color puppies.
    Another has black parti colors and solids, including chocolate and black.

  4. mittelspitz says:

    SHaron – well, I know that NOW! πŸ˜› (But when I wrote this post, I hadn’t yet talked to you. So… Yeah. Everbody reading, this is Sharon. πŸ˜› She’s the resident spitz expert here in the US and is absolutely brilliant. Her dogs can be seen at http://www.keesdog.com/sharon/ and she maintans a comprehensive database of mittel pedigrees as well.

  5. chefjill says:


    I just did a new search for Pat Scott in California. Her web host closed and I just found her! Our boy, Bucky, came from Pat. He’s AWESOME! Check out her site…


  6. Hana says:

    Hi, you have very interesting blog about German Spitz. IΒ΄m breeder spitz long time ago :-)).
    Love from Czech Republic

  7. Jamie says:

    Hello! I’m happy to find a place where people are enthusiastic about Mittels. I am a volunteer for a rescue near Washington, DC, and am fostering a mittel. I don’t know how he came to be in VA or why he was given up, but I do know he is a clever dog who needs a loving home. The shelter manager where he was rescue was about to take him out back and shoot him for snapping. For those of you who know Mittels, they are suspicious of new people, and I know this Mittel was afraid and stressed. The dog was dubbed “Lazarus” and brought to our rescue. He is about a year old, 18lbs, and is a black/white party color mittel. I believe he must have been brought here from overseas, as he is not registered anywhere to my knowledge. I have even contacted the few mittel breeders here in the states. He would be best with someone who knows and loves the breed for their unique qualities.here is a video of him.

    Please keep Laz in mind and visit http://www.furrysuitsrescue.com for more information.

    He’s very cute- he’s been posted to GSUSA- but he’s not a mittel. He’s a textbook example of a big Pom that’s reverted to the older spitz type. He’s very typical of BYB or puppy mill pomeranians.

  8. Sam Orchard says:

    Thank you for the congratulations πŸ™‚

    You say that Lizzie is a distant reletive of Charm, what is her breeding ??

    Kind regards


    • mittelspitz says:

      Very, very, very distant. πŸ˜› She’s Marquis Gretel by Marquis Hez A Dandy (I think tihs is her sire’s name, I’m sort of braindead at the moment- yay cold meds)- Gretel is sired by Wyndlee Like Ice In The Sun. πŸ™‚

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