Finally, some spitz-content….

Lizzie is in season, as of yesterday. She’s 6 months and 4 weeks old. (Why is it the dogs you want to spay after their first season wait FOREVER to come in, and the ones you plan to keep intact seem to plan things so they can have the maximum number of seasons possible?) So no park, no class, and no walks on our main walking trail till the end of May. Oh well- we may be able to arrange a couple of playsessions with a friend and her (female) Eskie pup, and she can still play (some) with Indy, at least till she is further in (Indy sired a litter in 2004 and unlike Mal, KNOWS what that enticing smell is.) She was supposed to have a (leashed) playdate this afternoon with J’s eskie puppy and a corgi friend Biscuit (male, but only 3 months old)- but between the icky weather and her being in season, I’m not sure we’re going to manage it.

I was planning to take Mal to an obedience match today, but he hasn’t eaten well since Friday and is turning down cheese even here at home, which is his lowest-distraction environment (usually). So I’m going to wait and see- Novice isn’t till noon, and we can go and just do a PreNovice run (no heel free, SFE onleash.)

I’ve created a new blog, Dogstar Academy, for non-spitz and general dog content, so this will be the last update on Mal.

3 Responses to Finally, some spitz-content….

  1. Lia says:

    Maybe you should have her spayed…?

    This poster is, for the education of my readers, a raving lunatic, owner of Miss Ginger Is Fake, a fraudulent service dog who she claims is a BIS, OTCH, CH dog. Said poster is also supposedly a heart transplant survivor, a professional dog trainer who rescued dogs from Katrina (in 2006), and the handler of many (8+) MACH dogs despite being only 23 years old. She is also the owner of an alleged rare male “Painted English Palomino Mare”, a multi BIS Golden, Toller, and Aussie, and many other achievements. For more information and screenshots of most of her hilarity, please email me.

  2. mittelspitz says:

    Given that MY dog is an actual spitz, rather than a puppy mill pom with pretend titles and pretend papers? Nope. She’ll be proven in competition and bred if she turns out.

    Get a life. Did the California Department of Revenue tell your mommy about your fake 501(c)3 and that’s why it’s disappeared from the internet?

  3. L. says:

    Considering that there are only approximately 80? (correct me if I’m wrong) mittelspitz in the country, and that some of those are not breedable for various reasons (altered/major conformation fault/age/etc), it would be a bit ridiculous for Lizzie to be spayed without seeing how she turns out, conformation and performance-wise.

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