Dallas Legislative update

Today was the Dallas City Council meeting where a group of local show dog folks went to speak out against this mandatory spay/neuter law and the very expensive breeder permitting ($500/intact dog per year, whether or not it’s bred, a statement by the animal services director that he won’t allow breeder permits to be given to people in residentially zoned areas since they are ‘a business’ and a wide variety of onerous and privacy-invading rules that have less to do with actual animal welfare and more to do with making life as inconvenient for breeders as possible). We had two speakers, a lady who breeds and shows (she never said what breed) and then a doctor who is active in performance sports. Both were articulate, well-informed, and did a good job of making their cases to the city council, one focusing mainly on how responsible breeders should be part of the solution, not part of the problem and that many of us are active in rescue but will stop under the new rules because of the proposed pet limit (a combination of 6 dogs/cats total, which isn’t terribly onerous, but isn’t great, either); the other focused on the negative aspects of the 4-month age for spay/neuter required in the law.

Is this law going to pass? I don’t know. Texas Kennel Club, our local all-breed club, has hired a lawyer and she is putting together some alternative proposals, but she didn’t attend today’s meeting and the proposas haven’t been released yet. Hopefully they’ll be effective ones. We have another meeting to attend on Monday with the city’s Quality of Life commission, and there’s an organizational meeting on Saturday at Top Dog.

I made spiffy buttons and stickers and took some to the meeting this morning- gave out most of my 48 stickers that I took. If you are interested, the designs can be seen at DogsVote, on Cafepress.


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