Heads up! Mandatory Spay Neuter Ordinance in Dallas!

Crossposted because I’m lazy – a real post on this topic today. If you live in Dallas, PLEASE contact your city council member TODAY!

From Responsible Pet Owners Alliance, the reasonable voice regarding animal issues in Texas.
Responsible Pet Owners Alliance is an animal welfare organization, not “animal rights” and, yes, there is a difference. Permission granted to crosspost.

March 21, 2008
Action Alert for Dallas, Texas!

After being told repeatedly that nothing was in writing yet, Responsible Pet Owners Alliance finally received a copy of the Chapter 7 Animal Ordinance Revisions under an Open Records Act Request. As we notified you previously, this was unanimously approved by the Dallas Animal Shelter Commission in January — exactly one month after passage of the onerous San Antonio ordinance. It must have been in the hopper … waiting. The Revisions are tentatively scheduled to be presented to the Quality of Life Committee for consideration in late April but that date could change at any time. We have no objection to the Dangerous Dogs Section as it appears to be well written with due process provisions. However we do oppose the sections
below because they are not in the best interests of the animals nor their owners:

  1. Pet Limits. (Dallas has no pet limits now.)
  2. Mandatory Spay/Neuter Requirements and Breeder Permits ($500 per animal, not allowed in residental areas) for dogs and cats.
  3. No Tethering or confinement of less than 150 square feet
  4. Miscellaneous Section which includes a Fine Schedule for violations and criminal and civil penalties which are “per day per dog.”

This ordinance means fewer homes for pets, more animals killed by Dallas Animal Services and mixed breeds will become extinct among other concerns. People will be forced to buy only registered dogs and cats the Animal Services director decides can exist which could lead to breed specific concerns.

Mandatory Spay/Neuter and Breeder Permit Ordinances are proof of the “animal rights” agenda to end all use, breeding and ownership of animals – if you had any doubts. Just follow the legislative trail all over the country. It defies all reason and understanding that elected officials do not see that if all pets are sterilized, where does the next generation come from? And who could afford to buy one if they can find it? It’s up to us to tell them!

To help Dallas animal owners please go to our web site for the Action Alert: www.responsiblepetowners.org

Click on the yellow blinking Action Alert button (lower left) and under “Dallas” you’ll find links with talking points and contact information to write, phone and/or email all city officials. There are also links to each of the Chapter 7 Animal Ordinance provisions. Be sure to scroll down on each one provision as they have multiple pages.

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6 Responses to Heads up! Mandatory Spay Neuter Ordinance in Dallas!

  1. Shay Comez says:

    So the people living next door to me can have 12 ADULT illegal aliens living in a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house, but I can’t have more than 6 pets, even though all my pets are health/spayed/have vaccinations.

  2. RJ Muszynski says:

    Here is a link to the proposed ordinance.


    Thank you. RJ

  3. rpoling says:

    Most of this is untrue anyway – try not to be so lazy and check out the source before you cross-post. If you want accurate information, read the ordinance for yourself at the link abouve or get the executive summary at http://dallasanimaladvocates.wordpress.com/

    The City of Dallas shelters put down 26,979 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens last year because there were more pets than homes. Another 13, 177 dead dogs and cats were picked up off the streets by City Sanitation. I can’t imagine anyone who takes the time to find out the real facts wouldn’t support mandatory spay/neuter.

    Still not convinced? Read the article by Steve Blow in the May 1 edition of the Dallas Morning News at http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/dn/localnews/columnists/sblow/stories/DN-blow_01met.ART0.North.Edition1.45f579f.html

  4. mittelspitz says:

    I’ve approved your comment because I don’t believe in stifling discussion, but um.. no.
    Have you visited animal control? Do you realize that over 90% of their animals are never AVAILABLE for adoption? They can be pulled by rescue groups, but the general public can’t adopt them. They’ve been ruled ‘unadoptable’ and they never get a chance to make it to adoptions.

    Dallas Animal Control is one of the most MISMANGED animal control agencies in the country. It has huge employee turnover, pathetic response time, and the low adoption rate is THEIR fault. The stray problem is in large part due to irresponsible owners. What ‘s AC doing about education, which the SF SPCA has credited as playing the largest role in their shrinking overpopulation problem? Nothing. No brochures, no handouts. The ‘free spay/neuter for low income!” residents line listed on city hall’s site? Doesn’t work. The SPCA’s phone line to schedule a low-cost spay/neuter? Average 38 minute hold time.

    I fail to see how charging me $1060 per year to keep my two show dogs intact is going to solve any of these problems. I do not breed- I may breed Lizzie in the future, but if I do, her pups are already all spoken for by other breed fanciers- who are not going to be adoptin ga dog from Animal Control (or any other rescue group). I’ve picked up and rehomed 6 strays in the past two years- one that was running loose for over a week (called animal control twice a day, they could not come get him. I was told to trap him and bring him in. Instead I held him for the requisite 30 day hold period and adopted him out myself as he wouldn’t have passed their adoption requirements, since he had skin problems which cleared up with good food, but did definitely take longer than 3 days.)

  5. rpoling says:

    Yeah, actually I have been there. And they do adoption. And education. Meet me there some day and I’ll introduce you to the Education officer and give you a tour of the new shelter. Seriously – I think you’ll change your mind.

    Oh, I know they’re doing it. I’ve been down there. They’re doing as half-assed a job at that as they are at everything else. Lots of lip service to the idea, crap all ot actually DOING it.

  6. Lia says:

    There is NOTHING “responsible” about having intact dogs for no good reason, and there are very few “good” reasons.

    True, especially when your dogs have fake titles and fake pedigrees.

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