Happy holidays! I’m ready for a nap!

I’m so glad all the Christmas rush is over!

There was no agility this past week due to the holiday, but we did have a class Christmas party at a local restaurant with outdoor seating. Lots of fun and Lizzie was a big hit. She even got to meet a few people who knew what a mittelspitz was, having seen the breed previously on a trip to Crufts! Cool beans!

Today we did family Christmas and Lizzie did not attend, since we don’t trust her not to eat ornaments or be otherwise naughty when she’s not being supervised. Mal and Indy, however, did attend, and opened her presents for her. They all got new fluffy faux sheepskin crate pads and some new toys.  *I* got a dryer for the dogs, a furminator, and some clothes and money for my trip next month.  Mal also got a bed for my bedroom (he likes to steal my pillows) and Indy got a new hedgie.

Lizzie also got a bag of bones, a tennis ball, and a rope bone from Lindsay! (Mal got a REALLY annoying cow from her that moos when he squeaks it. It needs to die.) All in all, a great haul!

I hope your holidays were happy and bright! Drive safely home, or have a good night’s sleep if you don’t have any traveling to do!


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