Lizzie loves Pugs!

December 16, 2007

Our upstairs neighbor, Kelsey, has two dogs, a pug named Leo and a Shih Tzu named Dinah. Leo is 18 months (the same age as my collie Malcolm- we brought them home the same weekend, actually) and LOVES to play. He’s a nice little solid boy and until today, has been a bit overwhelming for Lizzie to play with, even though he’s not THAT much larger than her. Today, they played, and played, and played. Kelsey and I practiced recalls and call-offs (calling the dogs to us in the middle of an interaction, so they have to leave something rewarding) and Lizzie did very well. Leo took a bit longer to realize that if I hadn’t called him, I wasn’t going to give him treats. How horrible of me!

It’s cold here today- in the 40s- but beautiful blue sky and clear, and not too windy. The park is still closed because of the mud, but that’s okay. We’ve got friends closer to home. 🙂 Hopefully more pictures later- I didn’t take the camera out this time.