Just a few more days..

And then I’ll get to start posting updates! I need to call Kari in the morning and see how things are going 🙂

8 Responses to Just a few more days..

  1. Janneke Hornstra says:


    I came across your blog looking for info on the German Spitz in Canada/USA.
    I am hoping you are located in the USA. I am from Canada.
    I am trying to find breeders and see that you are waiting for a pup. Do you know of any breeders in the US? Also, has anyone started a club?

    Janneke Hornstra

  2. mittelspitz says:

    Hi Janneke!

    Pat Scott, in California (Marquis Spitz), Kari Atwood in TX (Greussgott) and Sharon B (who is in .. Wiscounsin?) are the three breeders I know about. Sharon maintaines the GS pedigree database, and the other two are linked in my links. 🙂

    No club yet, but I’d really like to see one get formed! Getting a club would fulfill one of the requirements for the AKC moving the breed into performance-eligable, but there’s some weirdness with the way the AKC wants to recognize the GS (with mittel, klein, and gross as varieties and able to be interbred, which would be a problem down the road as you wouldn’t be able to export them, I think). Even a non-all-breed-affiliated breed club and registry might be a big benefit though to promoting the breed and educating folks! 🙂

  3. Jill Weiss says:


    I didn’t know there was a third GS breeder! Last year, when we were looking for a puppy, the only ones I knew about were Patt Scott and Keri Atwood. Keri didn’t have a litter planned, but Pat just had a litter so we ended up with Bucky! He just had his first birthday November 30. I read your posts and I’m curious how Lizzie got out of her crate. Bucky is a climber. We can’t put him in a pen because he climbs right out of it. (At least he did…he may have finally gotten too big to pull himself up)

    Good luck Janneka finding a pup. They are really awesome! Bucky is actually our second GS. Freddie passed away December 23 last year. He was a shelter dog so we don’t know where he came from. But we knew we had to have another GS. Bucky is a handfull, but he’s like no other dog I have known.


  4. mittelspitz says:

    Hi Jill! We know you from the GermanSpitzUSA list, I think? The third breeder is Sharon B (I can never spell her last name)- but she doesn’t breed often and her webpage isn’t updated as much. My best guess is that Lizzie pawed at the door and managed to knock the latch out of alignment. No telling. I’ve got a corgi who is an escape artist as well and maybe he left her instructions. 😛 (He was with Mom that weekend, so I *know* he didn’t let her out.

  5. Jill Weiss says:

    Hi! That’s me on the German Spitz USA list. Lizzie looks just like Bucky did when we got him. I must tell you, you are really missing out on the winters up here. We got almost a foot of snow Thursday and there is nothing like a romp in white stuff to tucker out a puppy. We played outside for around 15 minutes and he passed out once we got him inside. He is small, so he can’t really run. He bounced around our yard. He looked like a black bunny, so cute!

    Actually if things worked out differently last year we would have ended up with one of Lizzies siblings!

    I’m looking forward to reading about the antics of another GS puppy.

    Have a great holiday!


  6. Steve Orique says:

    Can anyone help get in contact with Pat Scott. I live in Calif. and am looking for a german sptiz. Any help would be great Thanks Steve

  7. Teri says:


    We lost our German Klein Spitz just before Christmas. We were so sad she had passed. Was wondering if you knew of a place where we could get another one. Would love to have a Female again.


    • mittelspitz says:

      Hi Teri,
      If you’re in the US, there ARE no kleinspitz here. I’d suggest going back to where you imported her from. If she was a shelter dog, you had a Pom, not a spitz (NOTHING wrong with that, but the spitz are a bit higher energy and a bit zippier in personality). Big poms are not impossible to find in resuce, and even good Pom breeders occasionally have Poms that are larger than the breed standard pop up in litters.

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