A month and counting…

September 16, 2007

Approximately 18 days until Gretel’s litter is due and I can find out if there are any girls in the offing. If anyone’s been following this blog, well, sorry for not being entertaining- there’s not been much going on around here worth blogging about. I’m currently researching the history of the GSM in the United States for a future post, and also hoping to write about the GS in agility and obedience.

There are two active German Spitz mailing lists I’ve found so far- German Spitz World, based in the UK, and SpitzBitz, based in Australia. Both have lots of great people on them and one of the staples of these lists are folks posting show results. It’s very exciting to hear about wonderful wins week after week, and it always provides me with an excuse to go looking for pictures of whatever dog we’ve been hearing about at any given time. (Not that I need much.)